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Tested: Trivio cycling tools

Whether it's for travelling or to work on your bike before or after your trip. The practical Trivio tools will always help you on your way. Ease of use is central to Trivio, so working on your bike has never been easier. Arthur Pagnaer, cyclist, has had the opportunity to test the Trivio 20-in-1 multitool and the T-grip socket.

Thanks to Trivio, I have had the opportunity to test the multitool and the new T-Grip Allen keys.

Let's start with the Trivio multitool 20-in-1. This cycling tool has surprised me very pleasantly. In the past, I was not a big fan of multitools, because they are often awkward and too big to take along on the road. This multitool proves the opposite! It is a very efficient piece of work and yet compact. This makes it very easy to take with me in my saddlebag on a bike or mountain bike tour. Despite its compactness, this tool is still strong thanks to the polished aluminium frame and the steel tool heads. What's more, it is also super light. Also nice is that with this tool the keys are securely fastened. This ensures that the other tools do not hang loose when you are tinkering. The multitool has also been extensively equipped with various options for this model. For example, this 20-in-1 variant contains socket sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8, Torx T25, cross screwdriver, flat screwdriver, chain punch, spoke spanners, a bottle opener, ring spanners and a tyre dispenser. Very handy to have with you during your cycling tour.

However, to be able to work on the more difficult to reach places, I need a more advanced tool. Fortunately, Trivio has designed the T-grip Allen keys for this. I myself have a 3 mm and 4 mm version.  My experience with these is that they are very easy to handle and very handy for getting to work in a comfortable way. Loosening deep-set bolts or screws is no problem with this T-grip. The T-grip handle also ensures a good grip on the key, allowing more force to be applied.

The T-grip has a long and a short side. If you don't need the long side, you can easily use the short heads. I myself mainly use this T-grip to work on my bike at home, but even during competitions this piece of work can come in handy.

In short, both the multitool 20-in-1 and the T-grip are indispensable pieces of work for every self-respecting cyclist. The multitool is handy on the road, while the T-grip proves its ease of use especially before or after cycling.