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Trivio Maintaining Support Ultimate: With ease and simplicity a clean bike.

Autumn is a photogenic period. Beautiful colours on the moors, mushrooms in the forest, but also a time of mud, sand and dirt on your bike. Whether you take to the road on your racing bike, tear up a track on your MTB or go for a leisurely gravel ride, you can't escape having to clean your bike again. Good material makes this work a lot easier. We were given the Trivio Ultimate Mounting Standard to test and to make my bike shine again.

Photos: Joris Knapen

Compact mounting stand

Immediately upon unpacking, I discover an important advantage of this mounting stand. Once out of the packaging, there is not much left. And I mean that in a positive sense. Once folded, it is a handy stand that does not take up more space than a bicycle pump. My shed is full of bikes which I use the N + 1 principle, so there is little room left for other stuff. I can easily store this stand in a deserted corner.

The stand is suitable for bicycles with a thru-axle and can also be used with the well-known quick-release skewer. In a time where disc brakes are a must, this is an important consideration for me when buying a stand.

Stable & Flexible

A manual is included, but you don't really need it. Setting it up speaks for itself and in no time there is a sturdy stand. The Ultimate consists of three folding legs with a height-adjustable tube above them, on which the bike holder is mounted. The fact that the stand is height-adjustable is a plus in my opinion. Whether you are two metres tall, want to sit down while cleaning or want to raise or lower your bike in the meantime, the stand can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Once unfolded, everything looks solid and robust. It is not for nothing that you can put a bike of 30 kilos on it. An e-bike or a somewhat heavier mountain bike is no problem. You do not have to worry about the stand tipping over or collapsing during maintenance.

Front wheel off and bike on

Putting your bike on the mounting stand is child's play. Set the mounting stand at a height where you can easily put your bike on. A light carbon racer can easily be placed a little higher, but I can imagine that you do not want to lift an e-bike of 25 kilos a metre into the air.

Remove the front wheel from your bike and make sure the quick-release skewer is in the front fork or attach the axle without the front wheel. Trivio supplies a special quick-release skewer which is made for the stand. Secure the quick-release skewer or the thru-axle under the gripper and then tighten the screw so that your bike is secure. You determine the position of the bike by looking at where your bottom bracket lands. By sliding the gripper, you can move the bike forwards or backwards on the stand.

When the bike is properly secured, it is time to determine the height. This is where personal preference comes into play. Of course, what you have to do to your bike also plays a role. If you are going to replace a handlebar tape, you will want the bike to be a little lower than when you are working on your rear derailleur. The lowest position of the carrier is 76 centimetres, the highest is 123 centimetres. With my average height, I did not run into any limitations with this.

Away with discomfort

To be perfectly honest, I hardly ever wash my car. Although it can easily be done in a carwash, it is my bikes that get more attention and especially more love. Both my gravel bike and racer have been on the stand for maintenance and polishing during the test period. After all, a clean and well-maintained bike lasts longer.

Previously, I sometimes hated cleaning because of the inconvenience it caused me.  With my bike parked against the wall, I couldn't get to everything easily, my back hurt and maintenance took a long time. Because the bike is not fixed, it also regularly fell over or the dirty chain shifted just when you don't want to touch it.

This mounting stand takes away these inconveniences. After I have secured the front fork, I can easily turn the bike around and have good access to everything. If I grab a chair because a job takes a bit longer, I can lower the stand a little. I notice that I sometimes forget the convenience. Then I walk around the bike without thinking, which is actually not necessary at all. Power of habit, because now I can simply turn it.


Good cycling material often has a price tag. When I heard the price of this Trivio Ultimate Mounting stand, I also had to swallow my words. However, this is typically one of those products which, in the end, you say: 'I should have bought this much sooner'. After years of falling over and stiff backs, this is a very fine stand that does exactly what it says. And the price is right. For €200, you get convenience and simplicity in your home and it is also an excellent product that you can use for years. In that respect, it is a long-term investment.

Because of limited space in and around my house, I am critical of the things I buy. A large bike stand which cannot be folded down is not something I would easily buy, but the compact Trivio Ultimate meets my criteria and requirements in that respect. When folded, it hardly takes up any space.

Despite its light weight, the stand is a sturdy base for any bike up to 30 kilos. Once the legs are firmly on the ground, this stand makes maintaining or cleaning your bike a joy.