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nutrition and body care

Body care

Experience refreshing cleaning after intensive bike maintenance with Bike7 Pro Gel and Pro Scrub. Effectively remove grease and dirt, while the caring formula protects your hands. Discover the perfect aftercare for every bike enthusiast!


Nutrition and body care

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  • Bike7 - Hand Soap Pro Gel Jar 4L

    This gel is formulated for quick removal of grease, oil and other general soiling. The dermatologically safe formulation contains no abrasive ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin. - Appearance: light gel. - Color: purple. - Fragrance: citrus. - Solubility: 100% soluble in water. - pH: 6. - Shelf life: 12 months, kept cool and dry in original container
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  • Bike7 - Hand Soap Pro Scrub Jar 4L

    This hand soap quickly removes the most stubborn contaminants without irritating the skin. Its soft natural granules ensure pore-deep action while respecting the skin. Moreover, those granules are biodegradable and do not contribute to the formation of microplastics. Concentrated formula, economical to use. - Quickly removes grease, glue, resin, silicone and tar.- Skin-friendly formula with natural scrubbing agent.- Also for use without water. - Form: gel.- Colour: yellow.- Odour: lemon.- Density (at 20°C): 0.99 g/cm³.- Solubility in water: emulsifies.- pH value: 6.- Viscosity (at 20°C): 175000 mPa*s.- Shelf life: 12 months, in closed packaging, kept cool and frost-free.
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