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A premium bicycle is something you should cherish. So, treat it with the care it deserves. You'd like to have all the products for the complete maintenance of your bike at your fingertips? With the Carepack you'll have the best of the best at home. Everything you need to make your bicyle shine and get it to perform optimally has been packed together in this neat maintenance kit. After all, your bike deserves it.

  • Lubricate Quick Dry 150ml
  • Clean 1L
  • Chain Clean 1L
  • Multitrigger voor Chain Clean 1L
  • Shine & Protect 500ml
  • Brake Cleaner 500ml
  • Microfibre (2st)
  • Rasta Bike7

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    Lubricate Quick Dry is a high quality ultra-thin lubricant drop bottle. The strong penetrating capability ensures effective in-depth lubrication. Lubricate Quick Dry is designed specially for intensive training and competition in dry or dusty conditions and is perfectly rain resistant. Lubricate Quick Dry is a formulation adapted to developments in the high-end race bike and mountain bike world. It withstands hgih mechanical pressure and friction forces without losing any of its lubricatin capability. That makes it the ultimate choice for (semi-) professional cyclists and mountain bikers. Dry, high quality lubricating bicycle of bicycle chain and gears. Cycling road races and intensive training. On a dry and dusty trail. New lubrication: Clean the chain and gears in depth using Degrease. Dose Lubricate Quick Dry on the inside of the chain, about 1 drop per link, while you rotate the chain slowly 2 to 3 times. Remove excess product with a clean, dry cloth. Maintenance lubrication: Wipe the chain dry and clean with a dry, clean cloth. Dose one drop of Lubricate Quick Dry on the inside of the chain, while you rotate it slowly 2 to 3 times. Remove excess product with a clean, dry cloth.
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  • Bike7 PRO WAX 150ML

    Solvent-free wax emulsion for optimal chain lubrication, precise shifting and noiseless transmission. Easy longterm maintenance. Apply to clean, dry chain. Clean if necessary with Degrease and Clean, rinse and dry. Apply two layers of Pro Wax to the inside of the entire chain, leaving 3 hours between applications. Maintenance: wipe the chain with a cloth, apply a layer of Pro Wax and allow to dry. After 600 km: see point 1. Drying time depends on ambient temperature and air humidity.
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    For dry and wet use Ultra-soft Highly absorbent Resistant Washable at 90°C
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