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Thirty years ago, SR Suntour was convinced that its forks would help transform the mountain bike world of the future. Looking forward to now, that turned out to be some very clever thinking on SR Suntour’s part. In all this time, the aim has always been to enable every cyclist, regardless of budget, to benefit from the technical innovations of SR Suntour. 


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SR Suntour

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SR Suntour was founded in 1987 thanks to an investment by Sakae Ringyo Company in Tokyo. When the brand-new factory opened a year later, production started on the first aluminium bike components.

In 1995, the company make a crucial decision in its history: it decided to manufacture suspension forks for mountain bikes. This proved so successful that improvements quickly followed. In 1997, SR Suntour produced its first magnesium forks. As time passed, the production process for MTB suspension forks continued to improve, thanks to the installation of the company’s own magnesium alloy forging machine.

Later still, various other new techniques and systems were introduced for SR Suntour’s forks. SR Suntour is now one of the most advanced and innovative companies in the world when it comes to the global production of bicycle forks.

With more than 30 years’ experience in suspension production, SR Suntour is proud of its continual evolution and innovation. By pursuing this route, SR Suntour aims to offer the best possible value for money across the full spectrum of the cycling world. As this spectrum expands, SR Suntour also expands its reach, influencing more people’s lives and creating more stories. The ultimate mission is to get people cycling. SR Suntour is committed to improving the life of every cyclist.