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E-bike maintenance

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  • Bike7 - E-Protect 500ML

    FEATURES Odorless and colorless maintenance of bicycles. Quick cleaning of bicycles: E-Protect dissolves dirt (even tar stains), so that it is easy to remove (remove thick layers of mud with running water first). Lubricating bicycles: E-Protect provides the necessary lubrication for all small parts, even the frame lock. Protecting bicycles: E-Protect protects against dirt and makes subsequent cleaning easy. In addition, E-Protect cleans all electrical parts, removes oxidation and protects all electrical parts against corrosion and moisture and thus ensures optimal electrical conductivity. WHY USE E-PROTECT Maintenance of electrical contacts: cleans and protects.Lubrication of small parts such as pivot points, fork legs, axles and wheels of the derailleur, brake levers, locks,.... INSTRUCTIONS Cleaning a bike without water Protect the brake discs with a microfiber cloth.Treat the bike completely (except brake discs). Allow to act and polish with slightly damp microfiber cloth. Lubricate bicycle parts Spray E-Protect on all moving partsRub off the excess. Use Bike7 Lubricate or Bike7 Pro Wax to lubricate the chain. Cleaning of electrical contacts Apply E-Protect, let it act for a while and slide the plug in and out a few times. Spray E-Protect into the plug to remove the loosened oxidation and protect the contacts. Wait a moment and slide the plugs back together. Protection of electrical contacts Open the plug and spray E-Protect on both sides. Wait a moment and slide the plugs back together. Also treat the battery contacts.
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