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  • Trivio - Road Bar Plug Aluminium Black - 2 pieces

    These aluminum handlebar plugs are the finishing touch to every road handlebar. By tightening the allen screw, the plugs will clamp firmly into the handlebar. This makes the handlebar end look neat and firmly finished. Unlike the standard plastic plugs, these high-quality models will never disappear unnoticed from the handlebar. They are available in black, red or silver colors.
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  • Lizard Skins - Handlebar End Cap Black 100 Pieces

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  • Close the Gap - HideMyBell Save My Bar Black

    Upon special request of Team Jumbo-Visma, Close the Gap designed this new bar plug adapter. It's like a bumber to avoid damaging the end of the handle bar. For the World Tour team this marginal gain product SaveMyBar makes the life of a mechanic in a hectic grand tour a bit easer. With a not too bad crash there is no need to change the handle bar anymore. This will safe some time during a grand tour. For the pro riders the SaveMyBar external bar plug is more safe: with a crash the plug is good secured by the use of tape by installation. So with a crash without changing the bike the change of a sharp handle bar end isn't the case. And at the end with 9 grams the set of SaveMyBar is off course really lightweight for a good secured bar plug! For you as cycling enthusiastic the time for changing a handle bar isn't the real problem, but saving your expensive handle bar with our external bumper plug will safe you money! External barplug bumper, prevents crash/travel damage Lightweight: 8 grams (set) For any road Handlebar Will never fall out; secured below bar tape Dutch design, proven by Team Jumbo-Visma
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