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  • Bike7 - Carepack Oil Set (8 Products)

    A premium bicycle is something you should cherish. So, treat it with the care it deserves. You'd like to have all the products for the complete maintenance of your bike at your fingertips? With the Carepack you'll have the best of the best at home. Everything you need to make your bicyle shine and get it to perform optimally has been packed together in this neat maintenance kit. After all, your bike deserves it. Lubricate Quick Dry 150ml Clean 1L + Triger Chain Clean 1L Multitrigger voor Chain Clean 1L Shine & Protect 500ml Brake Cleaner 500ml Microfibre (2st) Rasta Bike7
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    The new PivLock™ Ruckus is a performance sunglass built with re-engineered PivLock™ lens change technology, thin megol temples for helmet compatibility and no-slip comfort for the longest road rides and gnarliest trails. Raised brow design increases peripheral vision in the riding position, and top bar venting and two-position nose pads provide proper fit to help minimize fogging and maximize comfort. Equipped with 2 interchangeable ChromaPop™ lenses for bright sun and low light, you can ride in all conditions.
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  • Trivio - Pump Hurricane High Pressure Alu 16Bar 240Psi

    The Trivio Hurricane is a luxury, light-weight high pressure bicycle pump that brings your tyres up to pressure in record time. This top-of-the-line, polished aluminium model has an easy-to-read gauge, and the reference arrow enables you to specify the same pressure every time. The Hurricane pumps up to 16 bar (240 psi). The high-quality metal head is compatible with Presta, Dunlop and Schrader air valves. It also features a vent knob so that you can release any excess air after pumping up the tyre, which prevents the head from flying off the valve. The luxurious wooden handle offers a firm and comfortable grip.
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