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    Controltech - Falcon Triathlon / TT Handlebar Pads

    Replacement arm pads for Falcon clip-On and TT bars. Comfortable arm pads that are designed for the Falcon range of aerobars. These include: the Falcon Clip-On Bar (U-bend), Falcon TT Bar (J-bend) and Falcon TT Bar (S-bend). Provides stable base for you to steer yourself into a sustainable time-trial position. Slight inward curve ensures you maintain a narrow, aerodynamic profile.
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  • Controltech - Scirocco Triathlon / TT Handlebar Pads

    Reversible Elbow pad allows 4 different pad positions for the rider to have the most comfortable setup.
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  • Controltech - Falcon TT carbon opzetstuur extension S BEND

    Lightweight clip-on aerobars constructed from carbon. - Superb set of clip-on aerobars that attach to handlebars with a diameter of 31.8mm.- Designed for time-trial and triathlon riders, they’ll ease you into an aerodynamic but sustainable position where you can still generate maximum power.- 60mm of adjustability upfront suits time-triallist and triathletes looking for a greater stretch in their all-out efforts, and triathletes seeking a more conservative stretch to conserve energy for the run- 30mm of elbow pad adjustability suits riders a more flexible riding position.- Optional 20mm, 40mm, 60mm spacers are available in which riders can optimize the stack height seeking for the most aerodynamics with the best ergonomics.- The 20mm, 40mm, 60mm spacer need to purchase separately.
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  • Controtech - Time zone TT brake lever

    Ergonomic alloy brake levers for time-trial and triathlon. - Ergonomic alloy Time Trail and TT lever design provides an assured and comfortable grip when braking.- Minimalist & aerodynamic design of the levers weights 170g per pair.- Suitable for bars with an inner diameter of 20mm.
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