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  • Close the Gap - HideMyBell Universal Bike Lightbulb Adapter

    The HideMyBell handlebar mounts by Close the Gap can now be expanded upon with a universal lamp adapter. Any type of lamp with a handlebar clamp can be mounted on the round part of the holder. This turns the HideMyBell into an absolute all-rounder: lamp holder, bell and bicycle computer holder in one product. The advantage of the mounting: all lamps that will fit around the handlebars around the holder. Specifications: Compatible with all lamps with a handlebar clamp. Suitable for the HideMyBell Regular, Mini and FI Mount. Lightweight: 20 grams. Durable stainless steel bolt for mounting. Patent pending. Made and developed in the Netherlands.
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  • Close the Gap - HideMyBell Direct Lamp Adapter for a Bicycle Lamp

    You can also take your bicycle lamp with us in our holder? No problem, you can choose from various solutions with us: directly in the GoPro connection Uni light adapter or this Direct Lamp Adapter from Close the Gap. The beauty of the lamp adapters: you have your bicycle light in the middle and not visible on your handlebars.Clean desk policy also on your bike! Fits in the GoPro style adapter Compared to the uni light: your lamp is not upside down Suitable for lamps with a round housing (max diameter lamp 45 mm) Lightweight: 15 grams
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  • Sigma - Buster 200 Silicone Handlebar Holder

    - Buster 200 - Karma - Powerled
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  • Sigma - Buster 200 Handlebar Holder including Screw Clamp

    - Buster 200 - Karma - Pouwerled
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  • Sigma - Nugget II / Blaze Silicone O-Rings 20/34MM

    O-rings in 20 mm and 34 mm diameter for suitable bicycle lights with mounting with rubber ring. With ribbed loop for easy attachment by hand.
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  • Sigma - Aura 25/35/45/60/80 Silicone Handlebar Holder

    Sigma Aura handlebar holder. With this handlebar mount you can easily and securely attach your Aura headlight to the handlebars of your bike. Specifications: Color: black. Material: silicone / plastic Suitable for: Sigma Aura headlight.
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