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Mini Pumps

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  • Trivio - Pump Mini Telescope Plastic Presta / Schrader

    The Mini plastic telescope is a small but efficient mini pump. Thanks to its telescopic action, he is still able to develop a good pressure (8.5 bar / 120 PSI). He is both compatible with Shrader and Presta valves. This powerful pump made of plastic can be mounted under the bottle cage so you have it close in every emergency.
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  • Joe's No Flats - Rideair (Without Lock)

    The Joe's RideAir is a refillable multi-use portable air capsule that lets cyclist inflate bicycle tires at a push of a button. Commuters can enjoy fast clean inflation by carrying it on the bicycle using the standard bottles cage. For tubeless users it eliminates the need for a compressor or going to the gas station for first tubeless installation. Fast inflation. Good for first time tubeless installation. Perfect for E-bike. Excellent gift for someone who has it all. A dependable device for anyone who uses bicycle as main transportation vehicle. Suitable for wide range of wheels up to 29". For MTB, road, urban, children and electric bicycles. Also good for baby strollers and wheelchairs. A special adapter for French/Presta valves and auto/Schrader valves. Refills with a simple floor pump, air compressor or gas station air point. Designed to fit in most bottle cages in the market.
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