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Front Derailleurs

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  • campognolo - front derailleur veloce black 9/10 sp braze-on

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  • campognolo - front derailleur centaur black 2x11 speed braze-on

    Designed with the attention to detail and performance levels demanded of Campagnolo by World Tour cyclists, the Centaur is accurate and fast – perfect for long rides. Inheriting top-of-the-range technologies from Revolution 11+ groupsets, the Centaur offers similar performance to professional components. The longer front connecting rod and the carefully designed one-piece steel cage ensure precise and reliable shifting, with minimal effort required to move from the little ring to the big ring.
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  • Shimano - Ultegra R8000 Front Derailleur 2X11 Braze On

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  • Shimano - Ultegra R8050 Di2 Front Derailleur 2X11 Braze On

    Quick and smooth front shifting under high pedaling torque.
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  • campognolo - front derailleur record 2x12 speed braze on

    The new mechanical Record 12x2 Speed derailleur: speed, dexterity, precision and effectiveness. The Campy Tech Lab designers focused on functionality, performance and compatibility when redesigning the new front derailleur. The new Record™ mechanical 12x2 Speed derailleur reveals various technical innovations; starting with the leverage system, which is designed to speed up shifting. Less effort is required for shifting thanks to the split front link rod, which avoids contact with the travel limit screw, and the shape of the inner cage plate, designed to match the new 12 speed chain’s characteristics. The micro-adjustments to the front derailleur position (which can be activated by the controls) make it possible to avoid any chain contact, even in cases of maximum crossing. The plate positioned on the aluminium outer cage prevents the chain from escaping when upshifting and increases speed in the downshift phase, as well as creating a quieter transmission. As far as compatibility is concerned, the new Record™ 12x2 Speed front derailleur allows tyres up to 32mm thanks to the new upper connecting rod and the double fixing of the cablex.
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  • campognolo - front derailleur super record eps 2x12 speed brase

    In-depth study by the Campagnolo technical staff for development of the new shape of the cage on the 12-speed mechanical front derailleur is now also applied to the new electronic version, guaranteeing fluid, efficient, reliable shifting. Thanks to the inner semi-cage in aluminum and the single-piece outer semi-cage in carbon fiber, the Super Record EPS front derailleur delivers maximum stiffness and efficiency when shifting. Its cutting-edge mechanical structure teams with the sophisticated intelligence of the interface and the Power Unit and the precision of the derailleur motor allows the chain to move immediately and fluidly on the chainrings, even under maximum load.
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  • campognolo - front derailleur chorus 2x12 speed brase-on

    The precise, extremely fluid movement of the front derailleur is achieved in part thanks to the new cables and their housing and in part because of the design and construction of the 2x12-speed front derailleur. The new Chorus derailleur incorporates the same design that separates the upper from the lower semi-rod, eliminating the free stroke for more immediate, responsive upshifting. Design of the 2x12 speed front derailleur and its trajectory angle mean wide tires measuring up to 32 mm can be used, while the new design of the cage and dedicated positions for each gear position ensure extremely precise and fluid derailleur performance.
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  • Shimano - 105 R7000 Front Derailleur 2X11 Braze On

    FD-R7000-F. SHIMANO 105 - front derailleur - with brackets - race - 2x11-speed. The link construction (switch type) on the SHIMANO 105 R7000 front derailleur features an integrated cable tensioner and an optimized cage design that is suitable for road bikes with disc brakes. It is available in silver and black and with braze-on lugs and clamp band mounting. Lighter front shift control. Ergonomic force curve. New link construction (switch type). Natural feeling stroke. Accurate and easy front derailleur adjustment. More cable routing options. New link construction (switch type). Integrated cable adjuster. Cage design optimized for road bikes with disc brakes. Shorter rear to center distance (410mm) and fork spacing of 135mm. Color options: Silky Black, Spark Silver.
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