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  • Scicon FUEL BAG

    Keep the energy close to you! The Fuel Bag is a great tool to keep your nutrition close to you while riding, offering you quick and easy access during longer rides. The main compartment makes it easy to reach your fuel. Access the main compartment with a breeze with an easy slide top zipper! Features: Material: Cordura Fabric Dimensions: 16 x 4,5 x 6 cm Fastening: Self-healing zip with velcro straps
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    Don't stuff your back pockets with bar wrappers and empty gel sachets, and certainly don't dump them on the side of the road. Just store them in the HideMyWaste, a small container that fits every top tube. The Press & Store principle is so easy: just push your waste inside and it will stay there for the rest of your ride. And don't let the size of the container fool you: the capacity is huge. Foam on the bottom side makes sure your top tube will not be damaged. Thanks to the smart mounting system a tight fit is practically guaranteed. Developed in collaboration with Amstel Gold Race and Roompot-Charles Cycling Team. Your environment, our solution. Specifications: - Container to store bar wrappers and empty gel sachets- Quick-mount on top tube with customizable rubber bands- Frame friendly protection foam- Aero shaped front to fit your stem- Press & Store principle: small volume, huge capacity- Easy and safe access- Lightweight: 28 grams- Size: 47x80x39 mm- Made of 100% recyclable materials- Made and engineered in the Netherlands
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    Fits every frame size. Stem Mount and Handlebar Mount with Silicon straps. Clear touch window for viewing phone display. Made of Nylon fabric. Fully Padded , Reflective Strip and Headphone port. Includes Rain protector system (RPS) Capacity: 550cc Dimensions: L 14,5 x D 6,5 x H 10 cm
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    Keep the energy close to you! The Piggy Frame Bag is a great way to keep your belongings close to you while riding, offering you quick and easy access during longer rides. The main compartment makes it easy to reach for your riding essentials like keys, nutrition, money, etc. with an 3/4 zipper for easy access. With a shock protective padding and internal sleeve for small objects, your belongings will travel safe and sound. The Piggy frame bag can easily be mounted and removed in seconds and fits nearly every bike frame due to the adjustable velcro straps. The 3-point mounting straps attach to the top tube and frame tightly fixing the bag in position. For a stable fit the adjustable velcro straps are equipped with inside rubber strips and the bottom of the bag is made of a tough rubber that will save your bike from scratches and abrasion. Features: Storage space for keys, money, nutrition etc. Shock protective padding Adjustable mounting straps with rubber frame protection Rubber bottom for protection for the frame Mounting: Velcro Straps with rubber frame protection Capacity: 630 cc Weight: 79.6 grams Size: L 14 x W 4 x H 12cm
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